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SSL Certificate for NAV Web Services

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Configure Web Services to Use SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for data communications over a network. By encrypting your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Web Services with SSL, you make your data and your network more secure and reliable.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports SSL authentication. The server authenticates itself to the client, but the client does not authenticate itself to the server. When the Web service client connects to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services server, the server replies by sending its digital certificate to the client. This certificate contains the server's public encryption key and the name of the authority that granted the certificate. The client verifies the certificate using the authority's public key.

For detailed information on how to configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Web services with SSL see 'Walkthrough: Configuring Web Services to Use SSL' on MSDN web site.

Advanced Installation TopicsSSL Certificate for NAV Web Services