Sana Commerce 8.1
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Configure Payment Methods (NAV Connector)

In order to configure payment methods for Sana Commerce - NAV Connector G/L Account No. is used. G/L Account No. can be selected from the 'Chart of Accounts' window:
The 'G/L Account' Settings 
In order to G/L Account No. worked several properties should be specified on the G/L Account Card: 
  • 'Account type' should be set to 'Posting'; 
  • 'Direct Posting' should be selected. 
Also you can setup VAT Posting Groups on the G/L Account Card (tab 'Posting').
When user selects a payment method on a webshop corresponding sales line with the type 'G/L Account' is created; its number is specified on the 'Webshop Card' window in NAV.
Sales Line 'G/L Account' in the Order 
You should specify Payment Method Code on the 'Webshop Card' window. This code will be used during the on-line order payment, and will be automatically assigned to the 'Payment Method Code' field on the 'Sales Header' window.
The 'Payment Method Code' Field on the 'Webshop Card' Window