Install Sana Commerce Webshop on Web and Database Server

Open 'Install Sana Commerce Webshop on Web and Database Server' wizard, choose your solution and scenario to see more provider-related information.

Set HTTPS Settings for AX Web Service

This step is needed only if you want to encrypt your Microsoft Dynamics AX web service with SSL to make your data and network more secure and reliable.

Make sure that during the configuration of AX web service all security settings were performed.

To configure the Sana Commerce frontend and backoffice with the HTTPS settings needed to encrypt Microsoft Dynamics AX web service with SSL:

Step 1: In the 'web.config' files of the frontend and backoffice locate the <endpoint> configuration section for AX web service:

<endpoint name="AX_SSL" address="AxEndpointAddress" binding="wsHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="AX_SSL" contract="AXDataServiceClient">
<userPrincipalName value="USER_PRINCIPAL_NAME"/>
Step 2: Specify the HTTPS URL to AX web service ('AxEndpointAddress').

Step 3: Replace the 'USER_PRINCIPAL_NAME' value with the Business Connector proxy user (SC_BusinessProxyUser) in the following format:

<userPrincipalName value="SC_BusinessProxyUser@DOMAIN" />

More detailed information about this user can be found here.

Step 4: In the <connectionStrings> configuration section of both 'web.config' files change the 'AX' endpoint configuration name to 'AX_SSL':

<add name="AxWebService" connectionString="EndPointConfigurationName=AX;UserName=UserName;Password=Password;Domain=Domain;"/>

If the above mentioned steps are performed then the communication between the Sana Commerce web application and the AX web service is secure.