InstallationSetup Web and Database Server

Setup Web and Database Server

Sana Commerce 8.1
Your provider

Software Requirements for Web Servers

The web server where you install the Sana Commerce webshop and backoffice application must meet the software requirements listed in the following table:

Component Notes
Internet Information Services (IIS) 6, 7.0 or 7.5
  • is a required component (Aspnet_regiis should be executed)
  • Basic Authentication is a required component
  • CGI restrictions should be configured ( extensions should be allowed)
  • The FTP service is a required component
  • The SMTP service might also be required when no alternative SMTP server is available
The Sana Commerce installer is not compatible with IIS 6
Microsoft Web Deploy 2.0 should be installed Microsoft Web Deploy is needed when you install Sana Commerce using the installer.
Can be downloaded here.
InstallationSetup Web and Database Server