Knowledge BasePayment Methods and PSP Gateway

Payment Methods and PSP Gateway

Sana Commerce 8.1
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The following entities are important in the payment system:
Entity Description
Basket Contains the products a user wants to order. Each user has his/her own basket. A basket does not have to be related to an order.
Order When the user wants to checkout his basket an order is created. It is the order that the user will need to pay and that will be eventually shipped to the user.
The order object is also used in the user's order history, but in this case only orders that are fully paid or in progress with the prospect of being paid will be shown.
Payment method Contains information about payment methods in the Sana Commerce store. A payment method is not the same as a payment module. The payment method is a method the user can select on the website to pay, while the payment module is the code implementation of a single or multiple payment methods.
At the moment the user check outs his basket and new order is created based on the calculated basket. This order will have the payment status "new". If the order is paid the payment status of the order is updated. If for some reason the payment process is aborted and then restarted a new order will be created for the same basket. The reason behind this is that most PSP's will require a unique order 
Multiple Orders Can Be Created for a Single Basket 
Knowledge BasePayment Methods and PSP Gateway