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Sana Mobile Sales Assistant app

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The 'Navigation' option is used to create custom navigation structure for the webshop. Using the navigation editor you can link the product sets to the navigation items.

When you create a new navigation tree you can select a language. After saving this language is fixed and cannot be changed. This means that you have a language-related tree.

One navigation only can be created for each language. 

The overall structure of the navigation is presented as a tree. The names of the invisible items have the grey colour:

Mobile Navigation Editor Overview

The navigation item editor is presented to the right from the navigation tree. By using it you can:

  • Edit the title of the navigation item;
  • Link the product set to the navigation item;
  • Set the visibility of the navigation item;
  • Select an image for the navigation item.

Navigation image size:

  iPad 1 and 2 iPad 3 
Width Height Width Height
Navigation image 225 px 85 px 450 px 170 px
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