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Configure a Live Docdata Payment Module

Please note, that this chapter does not provide a full guide on how to implement the Docdata payment module with a live account. The installation of Docdata on the live environment is exactly the same as on the test environment.
This chapter provides only the steps which should be performed to move the Docdata payment module implementation from a test to live environment.
When the test Docdata PSP module is configured, do the following to use the Docdata payment module implementation with a live account:

Step 1: Request a live account from Docdata.

Step 2: Configure the live account (general settings) depending on the needs of the webshop administrator.

Step 3: In the Docdata backoffice configure the correct confirmation URL, which is located in:  Settings -> View/Edit Merchant Profile -> Url.

Step 4: Change the 'Update URL' setting to the confirmation page of the webshop, for example. For example: http://DOMAIN/checkout/paymentconfirm.aspx?id=

Step 5: Configure payment methods in the Docdata backoffice under 'Settings -> Edit Payment Profiles'.

Create payment methods in the Sana Commerce database matching these payment profiles. More detailed information about payment methods can be found here.

The 'ExternalParameter' should match the payment methods identifiers defined in the Docdata backoffice and each payment method should be linked to a separate payment profile as described here. Make sure that every payment method is correct for each website, country and language.

Step 6: In the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend modify the following configuration settings for the Docdata payment module (to live environment):

Value Changes
PaymentPage Should be updated to the live Docdata URL.
merchant_password Should be changed to the live account password (account must be requested from Docdata).
PostUrl Should be updated to the live create cluster Docdata URL.
statusUrl Should be updated to the live status Docdata URL.
DebugDomains Should be removed in the live environment.
DebugConfirmUrl Should be removed in the live environment.

Step 7: When everything is done and tested, keep an eye on the payment log in the following days to be sure that everything is configured correctly and that every PSP status is covered.

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