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Ogone Specific Configuration Values

The table below provides the description of the Ogone payment module configuration values:

Parameter Description
PSPID The affiliation name in the Ogone system (account ID).
USERID The username specified in the account's user management page.
This parameter may have the same value as PSPID or can be left empty.
PaymentPage The URL for the action in the TEST or PRODUCTION environment.
In the TEST environment the URL for the action is: https://secure.ogone.com/ncol/test/orderstandard_utf8.asp
In the PRODUCTION environment the URL for the action is https://secure.ogone.com/ncol/prod/orderstandard_utf8.asp

Note that if you forget to change the action of your form once you start in production with real orders, your transactions will be sent to the test environment and will not be sent to the acquirers/banks.

PM The default payment method type.
Operation Possible only for direct payments. Authorization is not supported. The value of the 'Operation' parameter should be left empty or set to 'SAL'. The 'SAL' value for maintenance operations is used for partial data capture (payment), leaving the transaction open for a possible other data capture.
COMPLUS Field for submitting a value you would like to be returned in the feedback request.
PARAMPLUS Field for submitting some parameters and their values you would like to be returned in the feedback request.
The field paramplus is not included in the feedback parameters as such; instead, the parameters/values you submit in this field will be parsed and the resulting parameters added to the http request.
PARAMPLUSKeys The value of this parameter should contain semicolumn separated list of setting keys. The result will be automatically set in PARAMPLUS field.
SHAalgorithm This parameter is used to check/prepare hash of parameters. This value of this parameter must be the same in the 'web.config' file of the frontend and in the Ogone backoffice (SHA1); otherwise the security error will occur.
SHAInDeliminator Hash keys must be configured both for the webshop and in the Ogone backoffice to check the data which is sent. Make sure that the values of these parameters are the same for the webshop and configured in the Ogone backoffice, otherwise an error will be thrown.
SHAInExcludeParams These parameters are needed to be sent to the payment service provider, but they do not require hashing. These parameters are specified as semicolumn separated.

For a description of general external payment method configuration values, please read this chapter.

More detailed information about the Ogone parameters can be found in the Ogone documentation.

If you want to post some optional parameters open the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend. Locate the <payment-configuration> node in the <sanaCommerce> configuration section, where several modules are defined, which implement different payment methods. The 'Ogone' module is only needed. Add new configuration entry in the following format:

<add name="parameter name" value=" parameter value" isRequestParameter="true" />