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FTP Access

Sana Commerce 8.2
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Configure FTP Access

A FTP account is required so you will be able to upload (product) images to the production server in order to use them within the Sana Commerce web applications.


By default the FTP service is not installed during the installation of IIS. So you need to install this service manually. Please follow this link for more information.

Step 1: Open IIS on the production server.

Step 2: Click right on 'FTP sites' and select 'New FTP Site'.

Step 3: Enter an appropriate name, select the server's IP address and select the option 'Isolate users', then select the folder 'frontend/content/images' as the home directory of the FTP Site and select 'Read & Write' as permissions.

Step 4: Click right on the new created FTP site and click 'Start'.

Step 5: Since the permissions for the 'SC_Webuser' are already set in 'Install the Web Applications' you should now be able to login the FTP site using the 'SC_Webuser'.

If you use IIS 7 please follow this link in order to know how to create an FTP site using the new FTP service found in Windows 2008 Server.
ConfigurationFTP Access