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Sana Commerce 8.2
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Index Task

The 'Index' task is used to retrieve the product information from the database to build or update the webshop index. The webshop search functionality, sorting, phonetic search and product sets configuration depends on what product information is indexed.

More information about search and how to build the index can be found here.

The multilingual fields are also indexed for all configured languages (title, description, product group, item category and others). When a language-specific description is not available the default description is indexed for that language.

In case of multishop solution the run of the 'Index' task updates the index for all webshops. The index is updated when some products are modified in the database or the product description is changed in the backoffice.

When you change the search settings of a certain webshop and run the 'Index' task the index will be rebuilt for the related webshop (only the facets setting does not influence the index).

The 'Index' task uses the Sana Commerce task scheduler. For more information about the task scheduler read this chapter.

Information about how to configure the 'Index' task can be found here.

ConfigurationScheduled Tasks