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Sana Commerce 8.2
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Sana Mobile Sales Assistant app

Watch screencast about the Sana Commerce Mobile app for Dynamics NAV and AX.

App Settings

The general settings of the Sana Commerce Mobile app can be configured under the 'Settings' tab:

Sana Commerce Mobile Settings

These settings control the behaviour of the app:

Setting Description
Login Automatically When this setting is enabled and the user has logged in before, the user will be logged in automatically when the app is launched.
Enable Price and Stock When this setting is disabled, product prices and stock are not shown.
Prefer Offline Mode When this setting is enabled, the application will always use local catalog data, even when an Internet connection is available. This will improve performance, but some features of the app will not be available in offline mode.
Download rich media When this option is enabled, the product catalog will be downloaded locally. In this case the apllication will use the local products catalog. The products catalog which is stored locally does not contain customer-specific prices and stock information.
Clear cache The cache contains the local products catalog and application credentials to automatically log you in. By clearing the cache the app will not be able to operate in offline mode until you re-download the catalog. Saved baskets will not be removed.
Export customers Use the export customers feature to export the customers to your contact list on your device. You can update your contacts by running the export again - in this case the imported contacts will be overwritten.
User GuideSana Mobile App