Sana Commerce 8.3
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Install FedEx Add-on

The FedEx shipping provider is available as an add-on. Therefore to be able to use FedEx, you should install FedEx add-on.

Installation of the FedEx add-on for Sana Commerce is the same for 'SDK' and 'Ready to deploy' versions. In order to install FedEx add-on for Sana Commerce, follow these steps:

Step 1: Copy the 'Sana.Commerce.Shipping.FedEx.dll' file from the 'bin' folder of the FedEx add-on package to the 'bin' folders of the Sana Commerce frontend and backoffice.

Step 2: Configure the FedEx shipping provider. This configuration is performed in the 'web.config' files of the Sana Commerce frontend and backoffice:

Add 'Sana.Commerce.Shipping.FedEx.FedExShippingProvider' assembly to the <shipping-configuration> section in the 'web.config' files of the Sana Commerce frontend and backoffice, so it will look as follows:

      <provider name="fixed" type="Sana.Commerce.Business.Shop.Shipping.FixedRatesProvider,Sana.Commerce"/>
      <provider name="fixed-ranges" type="Sana.Commerce.Business.Shop.Shipping.BasketDependantProvider,Sana.Commerce"/>
      <provider name="fixed-onweight" type="Sana.Commerce.Business.Shop.Shipping.WeightDependantProvider,Sana.Commerce"/>
      <provider name="FedEx" type="Sana.Commerce.Shipping.FedEx.FedExShippingProvider,Sana.Commerce.Shipping.FedEx"/>

Now the FedEx add-on is installed and you can proceed to configuration of the FedEx shipping provider and methods in the Sana Commerce backoffice.