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MS Dynamics NAV 2013 Changes

Sana Commerce 8.3
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Changed NAV Objects

This table provides the list of standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 objects that are changed by Sana Commerce. This means that in these standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects some fields were created in the tables, some controls were added to the pages, and also changes in the codeunits.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects are stored in the Sana Commerce release package. The standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects changed by Sana Commerce are in the 'SC_Standard_objects' file.

Type ID  Name  WSExposed
Table 9 Country/Region FALSE
Table 13 Salesperson/Purchaser FALSE
Table 18 Customer FALSE
Table 27 Item FALSE
Table 30 Item Translation FALSE
Table 36 Sales Header FALSE
Table 37 Sales Line FALSE
Table 110 Sales Shipment Header FALSE
Table 112 Sales Invoice Header FALSE
Table 114 Sales Cr.Memo Header FALSE
Table 279 Extended Text Header FALSE
Table 280 Extended Text Line FALSE
Table 5050 Contact FALSE
Table 5401 Item Variant FALSE
Table 5715 Item Substitution FALSE
Table 5722 Item Category FALSE
Table 5723 Product Group FALSE
Table 6660 Return Receipt Header FALSE
Table 7002 Sales Price FALSE
Codeunit 1 ApplicationManagement FALSE
Codeunit 60 Sales-Calc. Discount FALSE
Codeunit 80 Sales-Post FALSE
Codeunit 86 Sales-Quote to Order FALSE
Page 10 Countries/Regions FALSE
Page 30 Item Card FALSE
Page 41 Sales Quote FALSE
Page 42 Sales Order FALSE
Page 130 Posted Sales Shipment FALSE
Page 132 Posted Sales Invoice FALSE
Page 386 Extended Text FALSE
Page 5401 Item Variants FALSE
Page 5716 Item Substitution Entry FALSE
Page 5730 Item Categories FALSE
Page 5731 Product Groups FALSE
Advanced Installation TopicsMS Dynamics NAV 2013 Changes