Sana Commerce 8.3
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General External Payment Method Config. Values

This is an overview of available configuration values used by the default pipeline steps and the default external payment module class.
This is a security measure to prevent fraud. Some PSPs will pass the payment status of an order by calling the confirm page. In this case it is possible for a malicious user to simulate this call and change the status of the order. To prevent this, a check on the IP of the call can be made by specifying the allowed IP (ranges) in this configuration value. This value only has effect on payment modules which have the 'IpRangeValidationStep' included. For some PSPs like DocData this check will have no effect.
Possible values include:|10.*.*.*|
Multiple values can be separated by the '|' character.
Possible values are true or false. If set to true, configuration values will be sent to the PSP by using a http POST through a hidden form. If set to false, the user will be redirected to the PSP page right away. Configuration values will be passed using a http GET. The required option will depend on the PSP used. The default value will be false.
This value can either be true or false and can only be used if the ResponseUsePost
configuration setting is set to true. If enabled (true) all configuration values will be posted in a single field as an xml document instead of separate fields. This should only be used if it is required and supported by the PSP implementation. The default is false.
The URL of the payment service provider page to which the user should be redirected. Typically, the user can select a payment method here and continue the payment.
This page will differ for each PSP implementation.