How toCreate Installation Package

Create Installation Package

Sana Commerce 8.3
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Installation Package from a Customized SDK Project

The objective of the SDK installation on a developer workstation is to have an opportunity to develop, integrate, extend and deploy Sana Commerce solutions.
In this chapter you can learn how to create the installation package from a customized SDK project:

Step 1: Open the 'SDK build package.proj' file in any text editor from the SDK directory: SDK -> Installer;

Step 2: Locate the <PropertyGroup> section:

    <GeneralSolutionFile>..\Sana Commerce SDK.sln</GeneralSolutionFile>

Step 3: Check the following configuration nodes and modify their values if needed:

Configuration node Description
OutputFolder The path to the folder where the installation package will be created.
ReadyToDeployFolder The path to the SDK directory.
GeneralSolutionFile The path to the SDK solution file.
SqlServerInstance The name of the SQL server database backup instance.
DatabaseName The name of the SQL database backup.
DatabaseAdminLogin The administrator credentials of the SQL database.
If empty the Windows Authentication will be used.

Step 4: Run the 'SDK build package.bat' from the SDK directory: SDK -> Installer.

The installation package will be created in the folder which is specified in the <OutputFolder> node of the 'SDK build package.proj' file.

The created installation package contains the database.

When the installation package from a customized SDK project is created the Sana Commerce solution can be installed. The only difference from a Ready to Deploy installation is that when you install customized SDK project the connector/provider and shop type will be automatically selected in the web installer in compliance with your project implementation.

In the 'Installation' section you can read how to install the Sana Commerce solution.

How toCreate Installation Package