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Web Service Developer Guide

License Information

There are two types of licenses related to the Sana Commerce web services:

  • Web services add-on license;
  • Amount of iPad devices license.

To be able to use the Sana Commerce web services the 'Webservices add-on license' is required. When it is not added to the active license a license exception will be thrown by all web service requests. Only on the development environments, recognized by the localhost domainname, web service requests are allowed without a valid 'Webservices add-on license'.

The Sana Commerce iPad app also uses the Sana Commerce web services. To be able to use this app also the 'Amount of iPad devices license' is required (next to the 'Webservices add-on license'). When requesting a license file at the Sana Software Community website, there is the ability to enter the amount of iPad devices to connect to the Sana Commerce environment. The amount of the unique connecting devices, identified by the Identifier (UDID) of the iPad, can never exceed the amount of configured iPads in the 'Amount of iPad devices license'.

How toWeb Service Developer Guide