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Sana Commerce 8.3
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Overall Description of the Solution

Sana Commerce is the e-Commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Sana's webshop for AX can be used as a real-time, B2B online ordering layer along with Microsoft Dynamics AX, as well as a B2C webshop for online retail. Sana's e-Commerce interfaces were designed and developed to be closely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and to use its business logic and information whenever needed. This way your AX webshop system is maintained on a single location, without redundancy or complexity, in your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.

In the B2B configuration, Sana Commerce supports sales forces by allowing customers, sales representatives and distributors place orders in the system. They get their own (customer specific) pricing and get instant access to stock information. Customers can find their order and billing history or the status of a return, without calling you to check on your system. Orders are taken at any time and payment follows the common process.

Sales representatives can login as well and process the orders they collected over the day or change and review customer specific information. It goes without saying that the Business to Business setup is most often combined with the Live AX Connector, connecting Sana Commerce real-time with AX.

Sana also supports consumer webshops. In a B2C scenario, both the real-time Live connection and the configuration as stand-alone webshop (which synchronizes several times a day) are implemented. Customers can register before placing the order and online payment finalizes the order process. This payment is handled by the PSP-gateway which is a part of the Sana Commerce license.
There might be situations in which site visitors can be business owners and consumers at the same time. Where the business owners may get an invoice, consumers need to pay upfront. Sana supports this 'hybrid' situation in a standard way, out of the box.

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