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     Checking the usage statistics of the Sana Mobile app we noticed that almost all Sana Mobile users are using iPad. Based on this we decided to not further invest in Android and iPhone support. As a result, the Sana Mobile app is now available only for iPad.

Sana Mobile makes it easy to run your business from wherever you are. Sana Commerce offers a mobile solution that is 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics to keep you ahead of the competition. Use your iPad to browse products catalogs, fulfill orders with the possibility of quick ordering through the shopping basket and barcode scanning, see inventory, customer specific assortments and prices and much more. With the Sana Mobile you do not need to worry about the consistent internet connection anymore as Sana Mobile works entirely in offline mode - the internet connection is only required to synchronize all data between Sana Mobile and your ERP system. Sana Mobile is the best app to help you manage your business on the go.

For more information about Sana Mobile, see 'Sana Mobile App'.

Released on the following platforms
  • iOS - iPad
Requires the following version of iOS
  • iOS 6.0 and above
Supported devices
  • Sana Mobile app is available only for iPad. It can be installed from the Apple App Store on any iPad running iOS 6 and above.
Knowledge BaseSana Mobile App