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General Shipping Methods Settings

Each shipping method, both of the fixed shipping provider and FedEx, has general settings. These settings should be configured when you create a new shipping method:

General Shipping Method Settings

Setting Description
Name The name of the shipping method.
Shipping method in ERP This dropdown is used to map the shipping method configured in the Sana Commerce backoffice to the one configured in the ERP system (NAV/AX).

For more information about shipping methods in ERP refer to:

  • How to configure shipping methods in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • How to configure shipping methods in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Note: this option is not available for the SQL Provider.

Enabled The option which allows to enable or disable the shipping method.
Sorting no. The order in which the shipping methods of the related shipping provider are sorted in the webshop.
Image The image icon of the shipping method.
Link The external or internal link to some additional information.

Use 'Translations' to provide the name of the shipping method in the languages which are available in your webshop.

Watch our video tutorial 'Translations' to learn more about translations system.

In the next chapters you can read about configuration of different shipping providers and methods.

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