Sana Commerce 9.0
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Set up Adyen Account

  When the Adyen payment provider is installed, it should be configured in the Adyen BackOffice and in Sana Admin. To configure the Adyen payment provider and payment methods you should have the Adyen test/live account with all the necessary data.

Step 1: Log in to the Adyen Backoffice and make sure that your company and merchant accounts are activated.

Step 2: In the Adyen BackOffice click Skins. On the Skins page click Create a new skin to create a new skin for the Adyen test/production environment.

A skin is an interface overlay that is applied to the Adyen Hosted Payment Page (HPP) to customise it according to your brand guidelines and create a seamless consumer checkout experience. The Skin is comprised of a set of custom HTML/JavaScript fragments, images and CSS.

Step 3: Fill in the required information.

The table below provides the description of the required settings.

Settings Value
Description A description of your skin to easily identify it if you have multiple skins.
Account(s) The merchant account(s) which is able to process payments using the skin.
HMAC Key Specify the HMAC Key for each environment. The key is used to compute the merchant signature. The same key cannot be used for both the TEST and LIVE environments.
Result URL The result URL is the URL where you host your payment result page. Customers are navigated to this address after they complete the payment. We append parameters to the result URL to inform you of the status of the payment. Although not recommended it is possible to override the result URL on a per-payment basis. If the value of the result URL is not set, and if the result URL parameter value is not passed with the Payment Request, the default Adyen result page is used to display the payment result.
It should be set for both, test and live accounts.

For more information about how to create and set up customised skins for the Adyen hosted payment pages, see 'Skin Manual' on the Adyen support web site.

For more information about how to modify result pages, see 'Adyen HPP Manual'.