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Sana Commerce 9.0
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Configure Product Feed Export Task

To configure the 'Product feed export' task:

Step 1: Log in to Sana Admin and click: Tools > Scheduled tasks.

Step 2: Locate the 'Product Feed Export' task and click Edit.

For more information about scheduled tasks in Sana Admin, see 'Scheduled Tasks' on the Sana help web site.

The table below provides the description of the 'Product feed export' task settings:

Settings Description
Run on schedule Use this option to enable automatic running of the 'Product feed export' task according to the configured schedule or disable it to allow only manual start of the task.

If you enable 'Run on schedule' you should enter either the interval in minutes when the task should run automatically or the fixed time.
Run interval
(in minutes)
Enter the time interval in minutes when the task should run automatically.
Run time Enter the fixed time when the task should run automatically. For the fixed time the daytime of the server is used.
Sana Batch size Enter the quantity of products that should be handled per batch.
Feed name Enter the name of the XML file that will be created.
Feed URL Feed URL is a read-only field which shows the URL to the XML file. It can be used to view the products in the XML format from the Web browser.
Product set to export Add an existing product set that will be exported into the XML file or create a new one. To add an existing product set you can search it by title. If you create a new product set it will be selected automatically.
Detail Log Use this option to see the detailed log of the 'Product Feed Export' task execution. If this option is enabled, all product data exported to the XML file will be logged.

      Before running the 'Product feed export' task product information should be already retrieved from the database by running the 'Product import' task.

When you run the 'Product Feed Export' task, all products from the selected product set will be exported to the XML file. You can find it in the following directory of the Sana Commerce frontend: /content/files/feeds.

The table below provides the list of catalog data which is exported to the XML file by the 'Product Feed Export' task.

Element Comments
Product Details Page URLs  
Product Images URLs URLs of the small, medium and large product images.
Prices To export product prices, the option 'Price visibility when ERP connection is not available' must be enable in Sana Admin: Setup > Products > Price.
Orderable State  
Blocked State  
Non-Orderable Reason  
Is Customer Specific  
Tax Percent  
Default Quantity  
Maximum Quantity  
Minimum Quantity  
Variants Inventory of product variants is not exported.
Substitutions Related (alternative) products.
BOM Details  
Prepack Details  
Website Id  
Created Date  
Last Modified Date  
Attachments Not supported.
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