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Install Sana Commerce SDK

Sana Commerce 9.0
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Configure SMTP

Configure SMTP e-mail settings if you want to deliver e-mail messages, for example order confirmation, from your Sana Commerce webstore.

You can configure a local service that relays to a real SMTP server or an alternative SMTP server can also be used.

For more information, see 'Configure SMTP E-mail (IIS 7)' in the Microsoft Library.

When SMTP server is configured you need to set up it for the Sana Commerce webstore.

Step 1: Open the 'Web.config' file in the Sana.Commerce.Startersite project.

Step 2: Enter you SMTP server host and port in the <mailSettings> configuration section.

When you start the Sana Commerce solution you can configure the report address in Sana Admin to send all e-mails to the specific e-mail address for testing purposes.

Advanced Installation TopicsInstall Sana Commerce SDK