ConfigurationMultiple Webstores

Multiple Webstores

Sana Commerce 9.0
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Configure Multiple Webstores

Using Sana Commerce Installer it is possible to install only one webstore. But you can easily add as many webstores as you need. To add an extra webstore Sana Commerce delivers the SQL script that can be executed on the Sana Commerce SQL database.


  • All webstore domains are set in the Sana Commerce license. Therefore, if you add an extra webstore you should request new Sana Commerce license. For more information, see 'Sana License Information'.
  • Webstore domains should be configured in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. For more information, see the previous article.

To add an extra webstore to your Sana Commerce installation:

Step 1: Open the SQL script 'New empty website' and enter the following information:

  • ID of the new webstore
  • Name of the new webstore
  • Domain of the new webstore

Step 2: Execute the SQL script on the Sana Commerce SQL database.

This SQL script:

  • Creates an empty webstore
  • Fills in basic webstore information with the default values
  • Configures webstore settings with the default values
  • Creates the home and customer service pages with the demo content
  • Gives Sana administrator permissions to the newly added webstore

Step 3: Open Sana Admin and click: Tools > Refresh site cache.

Now you should be able to see the newly added webstore in Sana Admin and open the webstore itself.

From here on you can start managing the webstore content and settings.

  Do not forget to connect the webstore to the ERP system. The webstore with the appropriate ID should be also added to your ERP system.

ConfigurationMultiple Webstores