How toDesign Pack

Design Pack

Sana Commerce 9.0
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Design pack is a package that contains store layouts and/or page layouts. By uploading such pack the custom layouts become available for selection in Sana Admin on store, user type and page level.

To upload a design pack in Sana Admin click: Setup > Design > Design packs.

For more information, see 'Design'.

Design packs can be built using NuGet Package Explorer.

If branding is essential to your company, it is important that your webstore has a consistent look. Store and page layouts are used to set the look and feel of your webstore.

This guide is targeted at Web developers and provides information that is needed to be able to create a design package.

The goal of this tutorial is to learn what should be included in the design package, how the contents of the design package should be organized and how to create the package.

How toDesign Pack