How toSC Backup and Restore Procedures

SC Backup and Restore Procedures

Sana Commerce 9.0
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Sana Commerce Restore

The steps to take for restoring the Sana Commerce solution and its data are similar to the steps of the Backup procedure:
  • Source code restore;
  • IIS configuration restore;
  • SQL Server database restore;
  • NAV database restore (NAV Connector only);
  • Sana Commerce project import (AX Connector only);
  • Install the Sana Model (AX 2012);
  • Data import (AX Connector only).

Find more detailed description of the steps below.

 Source code restore 

If you have a compressed archive of the source code folder, then uncompress it. Copy and paste the backed up source code of the Sana Commerce web applications to the folder on the webserver, where the web applications had been installed. Pay attention to the 'web.config' configuration files of the Sana Commerce Backoffice and the Starter site. You may need to merge these files instead of just copy-pasting them in case some changes have been made to the original configuration files on the webserver.

 IIS configuration restore

Procedures to restore the IIS configuration depend on the backup procedures described in the Step 2 of the Backup Procedures of the current chapter and also depend on the version of IIS being used:

For IIS version 6.0 and older versions follow these steps:

Step 1: In the IIS snap-in on the local computer, click the 'Computer' icon under 'Internet Information Services'.

Step 2: Click 'Action' and select 'Backup/Restore Configuration'.

Step 3: In the 'Configuration Backup Name' dialog box, select a backup file and click 'Restore'. When you are asked if you want to restore your configuration settings, click 'Yes'.

If you restore the IIS configuration after IIS has been reinstalled, then the restore procedure will be different. Please, refer to the following article for details:

For IIS version 7.0 and newer versions run the following command in the command prompt in order to restore the IIS configuration:
%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe restore backup 'SC_Backup'

Here, 'SC_Backup' is the name of the backup folder which was specified during the backup process.
Refer to the following articles for instructions on the backup and restore using 'appcmd.exe' utility:

 SQL Server database restore

The standard restore procedure can be used to restore the Sana Commerce SQL Server database. Follow the link below for information on database restore in SQL Server 2005:

 NAV database restore (NAV Connector only)

The standard restore procedure can be used to restore the NAV database. See Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Client Help for instructions on NAV database restore procedure. You can find this help by navigating to the 'Help > Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Help' submenu in the NAV Classic Client.

 Sana Commerce project import (AX 2009 and earlier)

Step 1: Open the 'Projects' window (Ctrl+Shift+P) and select the 'Shared' folder.

Step 2: Import the Sana Commerce project (Ctrl+Shift+I).

More information about the project import process can be found in the AX Connector installation manual.

Install the Sana Model (AX 2012)

The standard import model procedure is used to import the Sana model into Microsoft Dynamics AX.
See 'How to: Export and Import a Model Store [AX 2012]' in the Microsoft TechNet Library.

 Data import (AX Connector only)

The standard data import procedure can be used to import AX data. See Microsoft Dynamics AX Help for instructions on AX data import procedure. You can find this help by navigating to the 'Microsoft Dynamics AX > Help' menu in the AX client.

How toSC Backup and Restore Procedures