How toUninstall Sana Model

Uninstall Sana Model

Sana Commerce 9.0
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Uninstall Sana Model from AX 2012

Applies to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

To uninstall the Sana model from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012:

Step 1: Back up database of the current environment.

Step 2: Close the client sessions that are connected to the Application Object Server (AOS) instance that you are working with. For more information, see 'Drain users from an AOS' in the Microsoft TechNet Library.

Step 3: Check that you have appropriate permissions to work with the model store:

  • Administrative permissions on the local computer
  • System Administrator rights in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • In Microsoft SQL Server:
    • Membership in the 'securityadmin' Server Role on the SQL Server instance
    • Membership in the 'db_owner' role in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database

Step 4: Remove (uninstall) the Sana Commerce model:

  • Open the command prompt.
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics AX management utilities directory. The default location is: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\ManagementUtilities. If management utilities are not installed, please install Microsoft Dynamics AX management utilities using AX installer.
  • At the command prompt run the following command:

    axutil delete /model: sana
    Use the /verbose parameter to see the detailed information during the uninstallation procedure.

Step 5: Restart AOS, start the client and select the 'Synchronize and compile' step from the checklist. Be aware, this can take 1-2 hours and on the old hardware up to 6 hours. Connect the client to the Application Object Server (AOS) instance that you are working with. See 'Step 2'.

How toUninstall Sana Model