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Web Service Developer Guide

Sana Commerce 9.0
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How to Run and Debug Web Services

To run and debug web services locally the following steps should be performed:

Step 1: Open the Sana Commerce SDK solution in Visual Studio.

Step 2: Create a folder inside the 'Sana.Commerce.Startersite' project (e.g. 'api').

Step 3: Copy the following files from the 'Sana.Commerce.Webservice' project to the newly created folder:

  • CommerceService.svc
  • ManagementCommerceService.svc
  • Web.config
Do not copy the files with the extension '*.svc.cs'!

Now the web services are available from the Starter Site. By running the Starter Site you can debug the web services.

Before creating the installation package from a customized SDK project the folder which was created in the 'Sana.Commerce.Startersite' (in our case 'api') should be deleted.
How toWeb Service Developer Guide