InstallationInstall Sana Add-on in SAP EnvironmentWeb Service Configuration (SOAMANAGER)

Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open 'Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment' wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Web Service Configuration (SOAMANAGER)

After the SANAECOM add-on was successfully installed and a service user was created, a binding for the added SANAECOM proxy interface definition in SOAMANAGER should be added to make Web services available to service requests over the network. The following steps explain how to create the binding for the Web service definition.

Create Web service binding

Step 1: Login with the configured SAP service web user.

Step 2: Open the SOAMANAGER transaction.

Step 3: Click Web Service Configuration.

Step 4: Navigate to the recently added SANAECOM/SANA_ADAPTER proxy interface.

Step 5: Configure the binding with the relevant attributes for your system. Please, note that the binding name should be unique.

Verify Web service URL/endpoint

Step 1: In the Actions field of the newly created service/binding, click on the Open Binding WSDL Generation button .

Step 2: Copy the URL indicated in the WSDL URL for Binding field.

Step 3: Open this URL in the Web browser, and enter the newly created SAP service user account credentials to access the WSDL file.

Step 4: Search for soap:address location (last node in XML) - that is where you will find the endpoint URL which should be entered in the Sana Admin 'ERP connection' page to set up the connection between your web store and SAP system.

Example of the Web service URL:

<soap:address location="***/zsanaadapter/zsanaadapter"/>
For more information about how to set up connection between your web store and SAP in Sana Admin, see 'ERP Connection'.

Step 5: To check that the Web service is configured correctly open the Web service URL in the Web browser. Review information that is shown in the Web browser and verify that you can see the name of the Web service that you have created.

  It is recommended to secure your Web service with the SSL certificate to protect SAP system communications. For more information, see 'SSL for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP'.

InstallationInstall Sana Add-on in SAP EnvironmentWeb Service Configuration (SOAMANAGER)