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SAP License Information

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SAP ECC License Information

According to SAP licensing regulations for SAP clients using certified 3rd party applications customer that is using Sana Commerce solution needs to purchase STANDARD Platform User License (PUL) in order to ensure trusted access and exchange of data between Sana Commerce Framework and SAP ECC. The amount of required PULs to be purchased from SAP depends on the number of administrational users of the Sana add-on in your SAP landscape.

Click here to view the list of solutions that qualify for STANDARD SAP Platform User License. (Search for: Sana Commerce)

SAP Platform User License is a named user license that is required to access SAP data through any of the 3rd party certified solution and therefore does not impose any additional system requirements over the system requirements of the 3rd party certified solution. This license can be purchased via your key account manager in SAP directly or in the SAP store under the name 'Platform User License (PUL)'.

Depending on other specific licensing agreements made between your SAP account manager and you, additional SAP licenses/costs might be imposed which are known and negotiated only between you and SAP. Therefore, informing the customer, installation and support of these licenses is the responsibility of your dedicated SAP account manager/reseller.

Knowledge BaseSAP License Information