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Shop Accounts

To manage shop accounts in Sana Admin click: Customers > Shop accounts.

On the Shop accounts page you can see an overview of all shop accounts. You can search for a shop account by name, e-mail address and account ID and filter the shop accounts by the 'Activated' status and account type. You can also sort the shop accounts by name, e-mail, account type or ID and by the 'Activated' status.

Here you can create a shop account, edit and delete already existing shop account and import shop accounts from a CSV file.

To create a shop account:

Step 1: Click New item.

Step 2: Enter the shop account information. The table below provides the description of the shop account fields:

Shop account details Description
Name Enter the name of the customer. This name is shown in the header of the webstore.
E-mail address Enter the e-mail address of the customer which is used as a login name in the webstore.
Password Enter the password of a shop account which is used to log in the webstore.
Password should be at least 7 characters and not more than 30.
Type password again
Activated Activate the shop account.
Account type Select the shop account type.

Available account types:

  • Customer
  • Contact
  • Sales agent
Account ID Select the account ID of the customer (contact or sales agent) depending on the selected account type. You can search for the account by ID or name of the customer (contact or sales agent). 

The list of all available accounts is retrieved from your ERP system.
Use the 'Customer import' task to retrieve or update the list of all customers (contacts or sales agents) from your ERP system.

Step 3: When the shop account information is entered and it is activated click Save changes.

To import shop accounts from a CSV file:

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Customers > Shop accounts.

Step 2: Click Import.

Step 3: Download the CSV Example file and open it.

Step 4: Fill in the CSV Example file with the shop accounts details:

Field Description
Name The name of the customer (contact or sales agent).
EmailAddress The e-mail address of the customer (contact or sales agent) which is used as a login name in the webstore.
Password The password of a shop account which is used to log in the webstore.
When the password field is empty, a password will be auto-generated. In this case, customers can change the auto-generated password in the webstore using the 'Forgot password' feature on the 'Login' page.
Activated Determines whether a shop account is activated.
Possible values:
  • '0' - Not activated
  • '1' - Activated
AccountType The shop account type.
Possible values:
  • '1' - Customer
  • '2' - Contact
  • '3' - Sales agent
AccountId Account ID of the shop account. The account ID should be taken from your ERP system.

If you use Microsoft Excel to fill in the CSV file with shop accounts, please remember that Excel does not correctly handle the special characters (after it is saved) that are specific for some languages, for example Spanish. Thus, if you have special characters, for example in the customer's name, you should use some other editor (for example Notepad) to fill in the CSV file that can correctly handle the special characters.

Step 5: When the CSV file is filled in with shop account details, on the Import shop accounts page click Choose File to add the file.

Step 6: Click Import to import shop accounts from the CSV file.

If a shop account already exists (based on the e-mail address), it will be updated.
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