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Sana Commerce 9.1
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Add Twitter Feed Content Element

The Twitter Feed content element can be added to a flexi-page, product and product list pages in Sana Admin.

The tables below provide description of the Twitter Feed settings.

Profile settings

Field Description
Mode Select Twitter Feed mode:
  • Profile - show tweets of the specific Twitter account.
  • Hashtag - show all tweets of a certain hashtag from different Twitter accounts retrieved by the Twitter Search Widget Id.
Account Name / Widget Id Enter the Twitter account or the Search Widget Id depending on the selected mode:
  • If the Profile mode is selected, enter the Twitter account.
  • If the Hashtag mode is selected, enter the Widget Id ('Search' widget).

To create Twitter Search Widget, log in to Twitter and then click: Settings > Widgets > Create new > Create Widget > Search. When the Search widget is created, you can find the Twitter Widget Id in the address bar of the Web browser.


Theme settings

Field Description
Max Feed Count Enter the maximum number of tweets to show.
Link Color Select the color for Twitter links.
Theme Select the header theme. Two themes are available:
  • Light
  • Dark
Header Using this option, you can show or hide the Twitter Feed header.
Display Media Using this option, you can show or hide media (images and videos) in the tweets.


Auto play settings

Field Desciption
Auto Play Using this option, you can enable or disable autoplaying of tweets in the Twitter Feed slider.
Auto Play Speed If the Auto Play option is enabled, enter the time interval in seconds to switch between tweets in the Twitter Feed slider.
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