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The type of license that needs to be purchased from Microsoft Dynamics GP is a matter of agreement between a customer and a GP reseller/partner. A customer should refer to his local GP reseller/partner for the details about a potentially necessary GP license. Therefore, installation and support of a Microsoft Dynamics GP license is the responsibility of a customer´s dedicated GP reseller/partner.

      Additional full user license is required for communication between Sana and Microsoft Dynamics GP via the Web service.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Functionality

Functionality Description
Starter Pack Can be used by customers that require only core financials and distribution functionality and do not need more advanced functionality for their business.
Extended Pack Can be used by customers that require more advanced functionality. It enables customers to integrate core financials and distribution management available in the Starter Pack with broader functionality extensions.
Customization Pack Can be used by customers that want to make customizations in Microsoft Dynamics GP to extend functionality to meet specific needs of their business.

      The only difference between the Starter Pack and the Extended Pack of Microsoft Dynamics GP which has an impact on Sana is in the pricing logic. The Starter Pack supports standard pricing which allows to set up item price lists. The Extended Pack supports extended pricing which allows to set up customer-specific prices, discounts and different offers. Extended pricing might be a better option for your company if you need to set up a complex pricing structure. Sana supports both, standard pricing available in the Starter Pack, and extended pricing available in the Extended Pack.

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