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Setup Qty Discount Per

This chapter is only required for implementations on Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the Pebblestone Fashion add-on.
The current Sana Commerce functionality does not support extended PFS sales discount calculation which uses different options of the 'Qty. Discount Per' field on the customer card: 
The 'Qty. Discount Per' Field on the Customer Card
In order to have Sana Commerce calculate sales discounts properly, such rules should be complied in terms of Microsoft Dynamics NAV administration database: 
  • For all customers used on a website the 'Qty. Discount Per' field value must be set to " " (Empty).
  • The 'Default Qty. Discount Per' field value must be set to ' ' (Empty) in the 'Pebblestone Fashion Setup' window. This is necessary, because during the creation of a new customer this field value is copied from the 'Pebblestone Fashion Setup' window to the 'Customer Card' window.
  • For a customer specified as the 'Template Customer' on the webshop card the 'Qty. Discount Per' field value must be also set to ' ' (Empty). This is relevant for Business-to-Customer scenario, because during the creation of a new B2C customer a value of this field is copied from the 'Template Customer' to a newly created customer.
Please notice, when using the PfsMatrix, 2 dimensional matrices are supported. The multi-dimensional matrices like models are not supported.
Other Add-onspebblestone|fashion for NAV