Sana Commerce 9.1
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Configure Wirecard in Sana Admin

When the Wirecard add-on is installed it should be configured in Sana Admin. To configure the Wirecard payment provider and payment methods you should have the Wirecard account with all the necessary data. Please contact the Wirecard support team to get the customer id and secret code.

To configure Wirecard:

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods > Configuration > Wirecard Payment.

Step 2: Configure the necessary settings. The table below provides the description of the Wirecard payment provider settings.

Field Description
Integration mode There are two payment integration modes - test and live, but for Wirecard this is not applicable. Thus, please leave this as it is.
customerId Enter a unique ID assigned to a merchant by Wirecard.
shopId A unique ID of your web store within your customer ID to enable various configurations of your web store.
secret Enter a secret key received from Wirecard which is used as a cryptographic key to hash the concatenated request parameter values.

When Wirecard is installed and configured you can set up the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin that are supported by Wirecard.