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To create a menu for the Sana Mobile app in Sana Admin click: Setup > Mobile app > Menus.

Under the Menus tab you can create menu items and link product sets to the menu items.

The table below provides the description of the menus fields/settings:

Tab Fields/Settings Description
Basics Title Enter the menu item title. It is shown in the Sana Mobile app.
Basics Product set Add an existing product set to the menu item or create a new one. To add an existing product set you can search it by title. If you create a new product set it will be empty and automatically linked to the menu item. Later on you can configure the newly created product set.
Advanced Image visibility Set visibility of a menu item. Enable Item visibility to make the menu item visible in the Sana Mobile app or disable to hide it.
Advanced Image Add an image to the menu item. The image is shown in the menu item of the Sana Mobile app.

Menu item image size for iPad:

  Width Height
Menu item image size 100 px 100 px

You can change the order in which you want menu items to be shown in the Sana Mobile app by dragging and dropping them into the order you want. You can also change the levels of menu items, either make it as a parent item or as a child menu item to the one of the higher level.

From the menu items list you can edited or deleted any menu item. Hover over the menu item to see the Edit and Delete buttons.

Translate a menu item

You can translate any existing menu item into any available language. Hover over the menu item that you want to translate and click Edit. From the language dropdown select the language you want to translate the menu item to. When the language is selected the menu item page is presented in two columns. The first column holds the menu item content in the default language (English) and it is not editable, while in the second column you can provide translation to the menu item title. For the translated menu item you can also redefine menu item visibility and image. If you leave the Image field empty for the translated menu item, the image from the source menu item will be used.
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