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ID Field Default value
  Logo /content/files/content/logo.png

The optimal size of a logo is up to:
width: 250px
height: 50px

You can add a logo of a bigger size, but it may look not very nice. It is better to add a logo and check how it looks on the web store, and if necessary change its size, so it is shown in a good way.

  Favicon /content/files/images/favicon.ico
  External font  
Page_BackgroundColor Background color #fff
BorderColor Border color #e6e6e6

External font

The External font field allows using the open source Google Fonts on your webstore. See the Google Fonts collection.

To apply Google Fonts to your webstore:

Step 1: Choose the font in the Google Fonts collection.

Step 2: Click the Quick-use button .

Step 3: Choose the font styles.

Step 4: Copy the link from the embedded code and paste it into the External font field in Sana Admin.

Step 5: Enter the name of the font into the Font family field.

The Google font can be applied to:

  • Normal text
  • Heading text
  • Main menu (Top level)
  • Buttons
  • Tabs
  • Shopping cart summary (Header)
  • Shopping cart (Product title)
  • Product details (Price)
  • Variant matrix (Header and Price)
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