Advanced Installation TopicsDI Server Service Task [SAP B1]

DI Server Service Task [SAP B1]

Sana Commerce 9.2
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Create DI Server Service Task

It might be the case that your SAP Business One installation encounters issues with the DI Server, which requires restarting of the DI Server service. If your SAP Business One environment runs into such problems, we have a possible solution for you. You can create Windows scheduled task directly from SAP Business One, which will automatically restart your DI Server service according to the configured schedule.

To create DI Server service task, in SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > Services > DI Server Service.

It can be setup to restart the service at night, for example, not to violate web store operability. When the task is created, you can always control it (start, stop, reschedule) from the Windows Task Scheduler.

Advanced Installation TopicsDI Server Service Task [SAP B1]