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There is the SQL script in the "Image Slider" add-on package which can be used to upgrade the "Image Slider" add-on from Sana 9.1.4 to 9.2.1. Please, follow the instructions in the SQL script to upgrade the add-on.


When translating the page that contains the Image Slider content element to another language, the default settings of the Image Slider content element will be used for other languages. Only the images and the text elements will be inherited from the default language. Thus, when web store visitors change the language, they will still be able to see the image slider. You can change any settings and images of the Image Slider for other languages.


  1. The "Image Slider" add-on uses the JQuery lightSlider library. Any limitations present in this library will have an effect on the "Image Slider" add-on of Sana.

    For more information about the JQuery lightSlider library, visit:

  2. You should create images of a proper size, which will meet your needs.
  3. For performance reasons, it is better to use the optimized images.
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