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Sana Commerce 9.2
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Add Newsletter Content Element

The "Newsletter" content element can be added to a flexi-page, product page, and product list page in Sana Admin.

The table below provides description of the "Newsletter" content element fields.

Field Description
Title Title of the newsletter signup box.
Title color Title color of the newsletter signup box.
Subtitle Subtitle of the newsletter signup box.
Subtitle color Subtitle color of the newsletter signup box.
Email field text Text of the email input field of the newsletter signup box.
Subscribe button text Text of the subscription button.
Background color Background color of the newsletter signup box.
Use background image You can either define a background color or select a background image for the newsletter signup box. The background image and color are applied to the full-page width.
Background image Background image of the newsletter signup box. An image can be used instead of the background color.

The default newsletter signup box is not shown in the footer of the page which contains the "Newsletter" content element.

Newsletter content element provides a signup field for your customers to receive newsletter emails. When customers sign up for a newsletter, their email addresses are added to the Sana database, and can be seen in Sana Admin. To see newsletter subscriptions, in Sana Admin click: Customers > Newsletter subscriptions. All newsletter subscriptions can be exported to the CSV file.

A customer can also unsubscribe not to receive newsletters. It is possible to unsubscribe on the "My Account" page in a Sana web store.

To allow customers to unsubscribe, the default "Newsletter subscription" option must be enabled in Sana Admin. To enable the "Newsletter subscription" option, in Sana Admin click: Setup > Marketing > Promotions.

Content ElementsNewsletter