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Add Parallax Scroller Content Element

The "Parallax Scroller" content element can be added to a flexi-page, product page, and product list page in Sana Admin. Using parallax scroller, you can add impressive background images and create wonderful design effect, to make you web store look more stunning. The "Parallax Scroller" content element can be added to different positions on a page together with other content elements. You can add as many "Parallax Scroller" content elements to a page as you need, to enhance your web store design with a striking parallax scrolling effect. You must add several "Parallax Scroller" content elements to see the parallax scrolling effect.

The "Parallax Scroller" content element consists of a background image and text which overlays over an image. This can be a plain text entered in the "Title" and "Sub title" text fields, and a button, or a text with formatting and styling entered in the "Custom text" text box, using the HTML editor.

The table below provides description of the "Parallax Scroller" content element settings.

Field Description
Image Path Add a background image for the parallax scrolling effect.

    Do not use spaces in the image file names and folder name where the images are stored.

Fixed Width Specify image width.

When this option is disabled, the image will extend to the full width of the Web browser (full browser width).

When this option is enabled, the image will fit the content area of a page (full page width).
Height Specify image height.
Title Title which overlays over a background image.
Sub title Subtitle which overlays over a background image.
Button text Text on a button which overlays over a background image.
Link You can link an internal web store page or an external URL to the button. Clicking on the button will open the linked page.
Use custom text You can either enter some plain text in the fields "Title", "Sub title", and "Button text", or you can use the editor to add any required text with the necessary formatting and styling.
Custom text Text which overlays over a background image. This text box is used when the option "Use custom text" is enabled.

Content ElementsParallax Scroller