Sana Commerce 9.2
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Configure FedEx Shipping Provider

When FedEx add-on is installed open Sana Admin and click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Shipping methods > Configuration.

Before configuring FedEx you should create a FedEx merchant account and register for FedEx Web Services Access to receive the account number, test meter number, authentication key and password from FedEx:

  • Register for a test account
  • Register for FedEx Web Services Production Access

When you have all the necessary information from FedEx you can start configuring FedEx shipping service in Sana Admin. 

Step 1: Configure the FedEx connection settings. Enter the following information provided by FedEx:

  • Service URL
  • Access Key
  • Password
  • Account number
  • Meter number

Step 2: In the Pickup/Drop-off dropdown select the method by which the package is to be delivered to FedEx:

Method Description
Business Service Center You must drop off shipments at your local FedEx business service center.
Drop Box You must drop off shipments at your nearby FedEx drop box.
Regular Pickup If you have a high volume of shipments, it can be cost effective to make arrangements with FedEx for regular pickups.
Request Courier You must call and request a FedEx courier to pick-up shipments.
Station You must drop off shipments at your local FedEx station.

Step 3: The Use dimensions option enables/disables the ability to pass dimensions (length, width, height) in FedEx shipping rates calculation request.


When the Use dimensions option is enabled:

  • If the total dimensions of the products in the basket exceed the maximum dimensions, then the separate packages will be created in the request to FedEx.
  • If the maximum dimensions do not exceed, then a single package will be passed in the request to FedEx.

Step 4: Select the rate (price) type. The FedEx Web service returns multiple prices (account, list, etc.). This option allows to set what kind of rate should be returned and shown to a customer in the webstore.

Step 5: Configure the webstore shipping origin. Two options are available:

  • Automatically get the webstore shipping origin.
    If this option is enabled, then the shipping origin will be retrieved from the ERP system. For the shipping cost calculation the address of the warehouse that you ship from when delivering goods to the customer will be used. In case of anonymous customer the Template Customer's warehouse address will be used.

  • Always use the following shipping origin.
    If this option is enabled, then the shop administrator should manually enter the webstore shipping origin address. All shipping costs will be calculated based on this address.

When FedEx is configured you can create FedEx shipping methods.