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Bill of Materials

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can create such type of a product which is called a bill of materials (BOM). It refers to the complex component structure, basically this is the list of materials or components which is used to build the final product and from which this product actually consists. For example, a customer is looking for a computer and he or she wants to see the list of hardware the computer consists of. The ERP system can store a lot of different spare parts that are used to manufacture a product which are actually not intended to sell. These spare parts can be also a part of the complex product structure.

Create a BOM in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Step 1: Open an item card and on the Navigate tab, click Assembly > Assembly BOM.

Step 2: Add BOM components and enter information to identify the BOM (Type, No., Quantity, Unit of Measure).

Step 3: Use the Visible in Webshop checkbox to show or hide any BOM component in the Sana webshop.

A Bill of Material (BOM) can be also shown or hidden in the Sana webshop just like a regular item. To make a BOM visible or invisible, open the BOM item card and on the Sana Commerce FastTab use the Visible in Webshop checkbox. If you make the BOM invisible, the BOM components will remain visible in the webshop as separate items.

In the webshop, a customer can see a link View package contents on the product details page of a BOM. Clicking on this link opens the list of BOM components.

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