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Sana LS Retail Connector - Brings power to online retailing

LS Retail is an integrated, end-to-end retail solution which is built on and runs within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the flagship ERP solution. A tight integration between Sana Commerce and LS Retail NAV delivers a seamless online webshop experience fully leveraging Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail.

Using Sana - LS Retail Connector all basket calculations are done by LS Retail logic, which is based on the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality but with several additional features that are the part of LS Retail NAV.

The Sana - LS Retail Connector supports the use of the LS Retail Variant Framework. This means that items with multiple dimensions are visible and orderable in the Sana webshop.

Sana Commerce also supports the diverse functionality of LS Retail offers and coupons, the main strengths of which are flexibility and rich configuration opportunities. Different kinds of offers and coupons can give discounts in the form of fixed amount or percentage. They can be applied to one item, all items and anything in between, for instance product groups or item categories.

This Sana online help section provides the in-depth information of the core things which you need to know about configuration performed in LS Retail NAV. 


LS Retail functionality is not supported for the order processing strategy that is optimized for large orders. For more information, see 'Order Processing'.

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