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Language Pack for Sana Admin

Sana Commerce 9.2
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How to Install a Language Pack

By default Sana Admin is available only in English. Language pack allows to display the interface of Sana Admin in the language of your choice.

The language pack contains additional language which can be installed into the Sana Commerce solution.

Language packs can be downloaded from the Sana Community web site. Only the registered Sana partners can access Sana Community. If you are a customer and you want to install the language pack, please contact your Sana partner or Sana project manager.

To install a language pack for Sana Admin

Step 1: Copy the Admin resource file from the AdminResources folder in the language pack and replace the one in the Sana Commerce frontend directory: Frontend\App_Data\AdminResources.

Step 2: Execute the Add language script Admin.sql script on the Sana Commerce database.

When the language pack is installed the language of the Sana Admin interface will be changed.

Technical ManualsLanguage Pack for Sana Admin