Install Sana inside Microsoft Dynamics 365

Open the wizard "Sana for Microsoft Dynamics 365" to see more information.

Prepare Microsoft Dynamics 365

Step 1: Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). Create a new project.

Step 2: Set up Azure subscription for a project.

             2.1 Open the created project and click Project settings.

             2.2 Click Azure connectors and add a new connector following the wizard.

Step 3: Check that your Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition environment is deployed and running.

If there is no environment, create the one for Sana in your LCS project. Follow the wizard to deploy a demo or development environment.


While deploying new Dynamics 365 environment, you can also apply the deployable Sana package. To do this, the deployable Sana package must be in project assets. See the next step. The Sana package can be shared with the Sana partners in LCS or it can be downloaded from the Sana Community website and uploaded to the LCS project assets. Only registered Sana partners can download it from Sana Community.

If you are not going to apply the Sana package while deploying Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition environment, then proceed to the next article and either apply the deployable Sana package or import the Sana model.

Step 4: If the Sana package is not shared with you in LCS, then download it from Sana Community and upload to the LCS project assets.

             4.1 In your LCS project, click Asset Library.

             4.2 Upload the deployable Sana package.