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We stopped developing and selling the Sana mobile application. It was replaced by the responsive design of the Sana web store. There will be no new versions of the Sana mobile app. Our current customers can continue using the mobile app.


Checking the usage statistics of the Sana Mobile app we noticed that almost all Sana Mobile users are using iPad. Based on this we decided to not further invest in Android and iPhone support. As a result, the Sana Mobile app is now available only for iPad.

Sana Commerce Mobile app allows sales agents to take orders without consistent internet connection. The app works entirely in offline mode and supports different languages. The internet connection is only required to synchronize all data, like products catalog, navigation, customers and orders with your ERP system. During synchronization the products catalog, products sets, navigation and customers are downloaded and stored locally on your device, while the locally stored orders are sent to your ERP system.

Sana Mobile app is available only for iPad and can be installed from the Apple App Store.

The app combines 'classic' catalog browsing and ordering with the possibility of quick ordering through the basket and barcode scanning.

Sales agents can represent customers that allows to place orders on behalf of their customers and check their order history and status.

Sana Commerce Mobile app supports shipping methods and sales taxes during order taking. Sales taxes are calculated based on the selected shipping address of the represented customer.

Inventory, customer specific assortments and prices are also available and even more - can be downloaded locally on your device for up to 10 customers using the Prepare your trip option. This way the customer assortments and price rules are applied for these customers even when your device is not connected to the internet.

Product specifications using product attributes and units of measure can be shown for the products catalog.

Sales agents can create prospects as well as quotes can be created for prospects. Pending orders and order history can be accessed from within the app.

Products catalog can be presented in two different modes: gallery mode and list mode. The products can be sorted, for example by ID, title and price. Product variants as well as prepacks are supported.

Sales agents can reorder the previously purchased products, print order confirmation and send it by e-mail in the PDF format.

Sana Admin is extended with the options that allow to manage the content of the Sana Commerce Mobile app. For information about how to manage the content of the mobile application in Sana Admin, see 'Mobile'.

Sana User GuideSana Mobile App