Sana Commerce 9.2
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We stopped developing and selling the Sana mobile application. It was replaced by the responsive design of the Sana web store. There will be no new versions of the Sana mobile app. Our current customers can continue using the mobile app.

In Sana Admin you can manage the content of the Sana Mobile app.

To configure the Sana Mobile app and manage its content in Sana Admin click: Setup > Mobile app.

The following content of the Sana Mobile app can be managed in Sana Admin:

  • Welcome message
  • Home page banner
  • Disclaimer information
  • Product descriptions
  • Product images
  • Menus
  • Product lists
  • Content of the 'About' page of the Sana Mobile app

In Sana Admin you can also enable/disable the Web service and configure it in different modes to be used by the application. An overview of the registered mobile devices can be also seen.

For information about Sana Mobile app see 'Sana Mobile App'.