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Dashboard of the Sana Mobile app is the main menu which gives access to the primary information, like products catalog, orders, customers, data synchronization:


The application bar on the left provides users quick access to the dashboard as well as to all application options.

The dashboard of the Sana Mobile app gives quick access to the following options:

Option Description
New order Allows to create an order from a single page (basket). An order can be created only when a customer is represented by the sales agent. Thus, when you tap New order and the customer is not represented you will be prompted to represent the customer first.
To create an order you can either enter an item number, title or barcode in a search field to find a product and add it to the basket or you can turn on the scan mode and use the barcode scanner. By scanning the barcodes of the products in the Scan mode the products will be automatically added to the basket.
View catalog Allows to view the products catalog.
Order info Allows to see the orders history and information. The orders are shown per represented customer.
Prepare your trip Allows to store customer specific assortments and prices locally on your device for up to 10 customers. When you select the customers and tap Prepare your trip customer specific assortments and prices for the selected customers will be synchronized and downloaded locally on your device and applied even when your device is not connected to the internet. This can be useful when you go to your customers where problems with internet connection may be. Thus, you can select up to 10 customers and download locally customer specific assortments and prices beforehand.

The list of customers can be sorted by customer's name and number. 

On the dashboard the Prepare your trip tile shows the amount of customers for whom the data is synchronized.

Customer info Allows to see the list of all assigned to the sales agent customers and their information, like names and addresses. The list of customers can be sorted by customer's name and number.
If the icon in the Sync state column is of a green color, this means that for this customer assortments and price rules are stored locally on the device using the Prepare your trip option and will be applied even if your device is not connected to the internet.
Tap the customer to see the detailed information. On the Customer info page of the selected customer the last 5 pending orders and orders from order history of the customer are shown. If there are more than 5 orders you can click More orders to open the Order info page with full order history of a customer.
Sync data Allows to synchronize data with your ERP system if your device is connected to the internet: products catalog, navigation, customers, customer specific assortments and prices, orders and prospects. All data as well as orders are automatically synchronized when you launch the application.
When you open the Sync data page from the dashboard or application bar you can choose what data should be synchronized:
  • Download Settings
  • Download Customer Data
  • Download Catalog Data
  • Upload Order Data

You can also see the summery of the synchronized data.

On the dashboard the Sync data tile shows the amount of local orders that are not synchronized yet.

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