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App Settings

The Settings navigation item on the application bar is used to access and configure the general settings of the Sana Commerce Mobile app and see the app's log. The Sana Mobile app settings control the behavior of the app:


The table below provides the description of the Sana Mobile app settings: 

Setting Description
Show price This setting is used for presentation purposes only and allows to show or hide product prices.
Show stock This setting is used for presentation purposes only and allows to show or hide stock indicators.
Download rich media This setting is used to download product images locally on your device to be able to view them if your device is not connected to the internet. By default this setting is set to OFF. This means that by default product images are not downloaded locally to your device during data synchronization.
If your device is connected to the internet the product images are shown in any case. To see product images when your device is not connected to the internet you should set the setting Download rich media to ON and synchronize your data while your device is online to download product images. When product images are downloaded locally on your device they will be shown even if your device is not connected to the internet.
Run sync on startup This setting is used to enable/disable the automatic data synchronization on app startup. By default this setting is disabled. But when there is no local data for the app, synchronization will start when you launch the app in any case if there is Internet connection, even if the Run sync on startup setting is set to OFF. When synchronization is in progress, you can continue working with the application without interruption as it can run in the background.
Basket price settings Three different approaches on how the basket can be calculated are available:
  • Show prices after recalculation - The prices are shown in the basket only when you tap Recalculate. These are actual prices coming from your ERP system in real-time if there is Internet connection.
  • Show synced pricing - If this option is selected those prices that have been imported during synchronization will be shown in the basket. Customer specific prices and prices including/excluding VAT are also used. You can also tap Recalculate if there is connection to the Internet, in this case you will see the actual prices retrieved from the ERP system.
  • Show real-time pricing - This option is used to show the actual prices from the ERP system if there is connection to the Internet. When you add a product to the basket from the product details page, prices will be calculated and shown in the basket automatically. If you add a product directly from the basket using the search field or scan mode, prices will be shown only when you tap Recalculate.
Catalog presentation Gallery mode: The products catalog is presented by product categories as navigation items each holding products arranged in columns. The products can be sorted by IDs, titles and prices.

List mode: The whole products catalog is presented in a list mode. You can switch between product categories using the dropdown at the top of the product list page. The products can be sorted by IDs, titles and prices. Unlike the gallery mode, in the list mode you can show or hide product images.
For more information, see 'Catalog'.

Language Allows to change the language of the application. The language of the app is automatically detected from your device. The following languages are available: Danish, German, English (Great Britain), English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Russian and Ukrainian. If you change the language you should synchronize your data to download product translations in the language you have selected.
Background catalog sync Using this option you can configure a scheduled task to automatically run catalog synchronization according to schedule. You can set up synchronization interval to:
  • 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
Log Allows to view the app's log, where you can see the messages which can be used for troubleshooting if any problems occurred.
Clear cache The cache contains the products catalog, customers, customer prices and assortments. If you clear the cache no products can be viewed and ordered until you synchronize all data again. The list of customers will be also removed. Credentials to automatically log you in, order templates and locally stored orders will not be removed.
Export customers This setting can be used to export the customers to your contact list on your device. You can update your contacts by running the export again - in this case the imported contacts will be overwritten.
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