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AX Developer Guide

Sana Commerce 9.2
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This chapter describes the customization and extensibility procedures.  It contains general overview that explains the customization, extensibility strategy and detailed information about each API, Web service, and other components that Sana Commerce solution exposes.

The developer's guide contains the following sections:

  • An overall description of the solution and the business problem that it solves. It includes the target audience for the solution and usage scenarios.
  • An explanation of the data model for the solution, including:
    • A description of new and modified tables, including fields;
    • Relationship between tables and fields.
  • An explanation of the object model for the solution:
    • New and modified classes;
    • General flow of the Sana Commerce request in Microsoft Dynamics AX;
    • New and modified forms.
  • A description of how the VAR can customize the solution. The customization and extensibility strategy are explained.
Knowledge BaseAX Developer Guide